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Faced with the situation new employees from other countries have when they arrive into a new city, we offer them and their families all the services they need to achieve a quick personal well-being and social integration in town

Our services are focus on covering their basic needs (residences, schools, administrative and legal procedures...) as well as to program and/or to guide them in all the activities needed to give them a quick integration into the city society.

Thanks to this personalized service, we can avoid situations of “complete loneliness” of the employees after work and their families. Families that, although accommodated in town, don’t have a social environment too wide, with that well-being sensation like at home. 

With this service, companies can offer a set of social benefits to their employees, that will help them to increase their professional work in a shorter time, without the pressure of their families.

C/ Valencia 40 5º 2ª 08015  Barcelona  - Teléfono: +34 932 452 962 - Fax: +34 934 361 438